Saturday, August 25, 2012

a quick recap

(photo taken in paris, france)
i've been quite behind in documenting our european adventure! with our job, husband and i have been called back onto the road or jet setting to and from. right now i'm sitting in starbucks in northern california waiting for the husband. 3 weeks ago we were munching on warm baguettes and hot cocoa under the eiffel tower. a week and a half ago we were tasting fine wines from napa valley and eating mouth watering honey lavender ice cream in san fransisco. five days ago we were venturing the beautiful terrain of endless fields in upstate new york. and now were coasting up the 101 north breathing in the pacific breeze in this warm weather. it has been unbelievably busy but so surreal. husband and i keep pinching ourselves and think, were so grateful to God to have this job we get to enjoy together, experience together, and learn together. and yes i do have endless photos to post...oui oui!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

bonjour paris!

next stop? why paris of course!
husband and i finally stepped foot on our awaited destination to paris france.
 this city stole my heart and made it into my list of favorite cities in the world. 
pictures galore will follow!

Monday, August 6, 2012

barcelona in a snap!

hola! here are snaps of barcelona life, architecture, food and art we blissfully greeted!
vscocam423 vscocam110 
photo-19 vscocam405
we spent four days in this ever so warm and lovely city. we enjoyed waking up to the chime of church bells ringing in the bright morning, strolling down the breezy mediterranean seaside, smells of warm baguettes in the city street, cheery locals and tourists busying throughout the city, narrow alleyways of rustic architecture, and the free-spirited feelings husband and i felt as we enjoyed our time away in this beautiful foreign land. incredibly grateful for this experience. and incredibly in love with our God who made our world so intricate, unique, and big.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

hola sagrada familia!

husband and i spent our lovely time here in barcelona, spain. we visited breath-taking sites by the amazingly talented gaudi. i love his beautiful archetectural artistry, specifically at this one particular spot...sangrada familia.
his art portrayed the brilliance of his mind, with every little detail symbolizing the glorious story of the gospel...
almost every detail, in shape and form, of the sagrada familia was influenced by nature,
husband and i ventured up to the highest point in the church and overlooked a magnificent view of this beautiful city.
every step of the way, husband and i kept wide-eyed to every beautiful detail that was put into this monumental church. telling a magnificently beautiful story of God and his people. this has to be one of the best things i ever saw in person, truly breathtaking. then on we went to explore the oh so lovely barcelona, spain. to and fro rummaging our new found love for warm baguettes and tapas, to warm greetings from locals, treasuring old architecture, splashing in the warm waves of the mediterranean sea, and blissfully enjoying each little moment with my love. more to come!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

take a peak!

today marks the first day back from our oh so lovely traveling extravaganza! we rummaged the windy roads of sunny california for lake tahoe, braved terribly long flights to say hello to the cozy weathered england, onto flights headed towards the warm welcoming sunshine of barcelona spain, and anxiously awaited the oh so lovely paris. every step of the way was adventurous, exciting, and unforgettable. with my husband by my side, we embraced each little getting lost in alleyways, forced to communicate with the locals afraid of the language barriers, and being grateful that each and everyone we came across were ever so sweet and generous. being welcomed with open arms to everyone we came across. wide-eyed to the beauties we saw everyday. and hungry for new foodie finds we joyfully discovered! so grateful to God that he has blessed us with these very rare opportunities to take a dip into different cultures and lives of the world around. here's a little peak into our adventure! pictures galore will come shortly! oui oui!!